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If you prefer to stick to timeless shades rather than following fads like awkward gawky green, there is another way around things. Nail art lovers will be glad to know that the trend is still around for the coming season. It’s all about matte finish right now. The glossy painted nails are so last year. I think this fall will bring the need for change, and this may be expressed in the switch from a super-shiny manicure to a matte effect.


Instead of moving away from your favoured nail shades, why not mix up the texture? Matte shades aren't just for autumn, but they do work particularly well for the season which is why they re-emerge as a megatrend amongst all our favourite nail influencers around this time. This fall season, it's all about matte polish, negative space, and geometric shapes. Think velvet miniskirts, buttery suede ankle boots and brushed cotton shirts. The same theory applies to nails.

That said, if you are a shade rebel who wants to get your fingertips stuck into all the cray-cray shades, you can use the top-coat trick to take your design to the next level.

So, do I have to achieve the matte finish? You have three options: The first is to buy a matte topcoat. The product will instantly transform any glossy shade in your collection into a matte finish. Your other option is to buy already matte nail polish. The last option is to google “nail salon near me” and book your nail service, the professional nail technician in the best nail place in Murfreesboro will transform your nails into fabulous ones!

A simple change of topcoat – specifically a matte topcoat – can add a whole other dimension to nails, taking them from glossy and high-shine to soft, muted and something a bit different.

Like our favourite battered biker jacket, a matte finish is edgy and alternative, but it also gives a soft, worn feel to our mani, taking it down a notch and making it feel less “done”.
In the fall, it's stylish to get colors that match the season such as light and dark brown, burgundy, teal, navy, nude, and yellow. We'd never knock the traditional — a deep, moody burgundy nail polish is essentially the pumpkin spice latte of the fall manicure realm. You could try matte tips or create a matte base to offset your nail art.

Matte nails are the edgy beauty trend for autumn. Nail polish, usually favoured for a glossy finish, is getting a grungier makeover this autumn. It's all about the colour, rather than the shine. No fall outfit is complete without a matte salon-level manicure!

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